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Thread: Elder Scrolls Online gets release date, new gameplay trailer

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    Quote Originally Posted by invadertim View Post
    I dont see it having a bright future in my opinion
    Haters gonna hate.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cy-Kill View Post
    There better be a choice to either play from a third or first person perspective.
    There is. You can swap from 1st to 3rd person mode and vice versa at will.

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    Hmm, I haven't played it. However, a bunch of my friends played the beta and told me they weren't impressed, even the ones who were balls crazy about skyrim and logged thousands of hours onto it.
    I personally haven't ever been a scrolls fan and as someone who doesn't play the ES games, I don't see anything that makes me want to play ESO. I can only see how the playerbase would be scrolls fans in the first place.

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    I was excited at first about ESO but after i saw some Ingame Footage i was Disappointed. The Character Animations ( Walk/Run/Fight) looked very Bad. Thats now 3 Months ago and we didnt see any Ingame Footage since then, Hopefuly they polished it and then i might try it.

    A also didnt join the Beta even i had an Invitation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by charly1337 View Post
    At least it can only be better than that garbage game Guild Wars 2.

    No idea why anyone is hating on this game, from what I've seen so far it looks pretty damn good.
    Agree'd, trailer looks decent, i'll never judge the game by it's cover until I've personally played it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ApocaRUFF View Post
    People will play because of the Elder Scrolls setting. A majority of people will probably last 3-5 months in the game, due to the lore, questing, and end game PVP content. It'll be a bit more popular than Guild Wars 2, I think. Perhaps a bit less, considering the payment model they've chosen.
    More popular than GW2? Never. At least not in its current p2p model (i think its p2p)

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