The first online Elder Scrolls game is coming early next year. Here - have a trailer to celebrate!

Good news Elder Scrolls fans! On April the 4th, 2014, you'll be able to venture into Cyrodil in a whole new way - with friends!

That's when The Elder Scrolls Online releases, on PC & Mac at least. It will hit PS4 and Xbone in June of the same year, giving the PC master race time to race to cap and gloat mightily.

It's our way.

One question, though, is about any beta plans. Here's an excerpt from Game Director Matt Firor's blog post:

As some of you know, we’ve been in beta testing for about a year now, leading up to our most recent test in late November where we had over 300,000 people in the game over a 48 hour period. We’ve had approximately 4 million people sign up for beta and that number continues to grow. We hope that just about every one of you who have signed up for beta will get an invitation to play sometime between now and the weeks before launch. These tests are very important, not only for gameplay feedback, but also to test our infrastructure. Beta tests can sometimes be a little rough when we are testing some systems for the first time with large numbers of players. So thank you to all who have participated for your understanding and support. It is very much appreciated.

So there you go. Soon. In the meantime, here, have a shiny gameplay trailer!