Well, here's another one of those forums. I'm looking for some specific types of games I've had no luck finding. I've been looking for a good Mmorpg for awhile now and I've found nothing quite like I want. I've tried; Talisman online, Last Chaos, Soul Order, Fiesta, Kings of Kings 3 and a couple more. None of which I've liked. I'm gonna give a list of my specifications and hope you guys guide me towards a good game.

PvP: (Battle Ground kinda like WoW is preferred, but I'll go for anything)
Helpful community: would be appreciated but not completely necessary.
Instances: Something I can get a party for to run through.
Easyish leveling: Not to hard but not insanely easy either.
Pets and Mounts:
And I have somewhat bad internet so something under 2gb would be appreciated.

Now all this stuff is in most MMORPG's. But I want opinions on how the game is played by people who have either played it or have done research on it. I don't wanna base my night-long download and some screen shots.

Oh and sorry for the long post. Also, if this isn't where this goes I'm sorry I'm a noob here still.