Chrome Flash - no sound

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    Default Chrome Flash - no sound

    So yeah, started my moms laptop from scratch...used a distribution of windows 7 that had some ehm...bundled came with Chrome and a bunch of other stuff I already used to make it simple for myself. Got my network printer all installed, drivers fixed, windows activated, extensions re-found, etc etc but Chrome won't play sound for flash videos.

    Yes my sound is on, yes there is indeed sound in VLC and in Firefox (which I downloaded to test). No, my sound driver isn't outdated or missing, no Chrome doesn't need to update. Yes I can see VIDEO in Chrome, just no sound.

    I've looked around the internet without much help. Any ideas? I'll give 'em a try. Since flash seems to be integrated with Chrome I can't figure out how to uninstall and reinstall it to see if that helps.

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    did you check the windows volume mixer? it has separate volume bars for flash and stuff. sometimes mine likes to turn itself down.
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    Even if the .dll name is different, only one of them should be active. Mess around with disabling them and it should work if you get the right .dll.

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