What most excite me is that my friends are up to play this game with me, so that`s really good since the last time that we all(7 friends) played together was in Ragnarok 1, about 5-6 years ago, since them just 2 or 3 was playing games together, and the game is awesome I played it in CH, even when I was playing without understand anything about the quest Lore and some itens descriptions this game was amazing, there`s lot of classes to choose, lot of combinations, the anime graphics are so cute!!!!! I`m a big fan of animes, I watch lot of them, I also read mangas, I really love the way the characters are drawn, male characters look`s like the hero or villain from most TV animes, and the female are so cute haha, and using the early access with all these benefits I could make stream and show all benefits for my friends and people from stream how all these things works and how the game is for the people like me who coulnt buy to join the early access, so everyone would be able to enjoy the game or atleast see the game in english.

That`s not all I could say, but I guess you guys could understand a bit why I was so happy when I saw that this game was coming to US.