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I'm NOT fine with power boosters even in PVE MMORPGs, because that usually end up with people not inviting you to instance groups if you aren't "pimped".
Also what really bothers me often is: More inventory space. I already had it when games have limited inventory space in the first place, but having to return to town every 10 minutes unless you pay for a bigger bag just sucks.

I'm fine however with anything cosmetical, even fine with exclusive pets and mounts in the item shop. I'm fine with exp booster (but not so much drop rate, unless it's only a small increase). I'm even fine with additional content being sold via item shop as long as it's permanent (once you purchases an add-on, you'll have access to it forever). More character slots are also fine as imo role-playing is all about only playing one character anyway. Reset are also nice items for the item shop.
I agree with the expansion items because I really hate when games give you limited space, I remember playing Ether saga and had like 4 lines of storage which I filled up super fast.

I don't mind if they sell expansions for decently cheap but they should atleast give you a good amount of space and not forcing you to buy expansions.