Now, im an old Pristontale player, i have a lvl 43 Knight, Unfortunatly i could never log after P2P was enabled because im over lvl 39.

Ok what i wanted to make this post about was, it seems that Korea pristontale is Free to play right? Now i assume they must have just changed this after English pristontale became free. here's a little article i thought i'd copy here.

i cannot find the quotes button so the first poster if you would be kind enough to tell me that would be great.

Pristontale Commercial Service has begun in Korea from December, 2002 after a year of Beta service in 2001.
Presently, there are over 3 million users in Korea while Pristontale is ranked within the top 3 in the Korean MMORPG market.
In Korea, the monthly rate is $20 while Playing for Free until level 40 level is not provided.

Ok, now currently Korean Pristontale is free so have i read anyway, you posters can confirm this. But if korean pristontale was over 3mil users paying $20 a month american, Why Cancel it?

English Pristontale, i mean how many people have really paid for it, im sure it cant be a lot. When i played pristontale, i didnt think it would become P2P for a very long time, as there were some bugs in the game, There was only Tier 1 and yes now i know theres Tier 4. But it still didnt seem complete, im bit of a quest fan and in pristontale there wasnt any at the time. But i sure did love to party with my pristontale buddys and it has such a great community, and that was the best part of it.

Now what i want to say is, when i played, English pristontale was always the last to get updated, it took serveral months after the Asian Games had there updates it would take very long for English people to get theres. And if it has stayed the same, Why are EPT forced to wait for long updates and have to pay $13

Now remember, this is comming from an old player and what experiences that i had with pristontale before it became P2P, so perhaps things have changed and you guys are getting fast updates, and maybe you're happy giving them money while the asian games are free. you tell me.

Anyway, thats the end, so for any PT players have fun and dont forget to leave a post.