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Thread: Straight up flavour tripping, yo!.. Dawg?

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    Default Straight up flavour tripping, yo!.. Dawg?

    To know more about what it is, how it works, and all that jazz. TLR Sour and bitter no longer exist in your mouth-world!

    So I bought some of these bad gender-neutrals online and tried them out with some of my buds. Lemons tasted like the best orange you've ever had in your life, limes were sweet, strawberries were freaking amazing, and cranberries tasted like mini crab-apples. We had some sour candies and they just tasted like sweet candies.

    I had that concentrated lime / lemon juice stuff, lime juice tasted a bit like icing sugar and lemon juice was like sweetened lemonade.

    Not everything was amazing though:
    -I brought some Guinness in hopes that'd it be like a chocolate milkshake, it wasn't. It was VERY smooth but no hint of chocolate. Someone was drinking Budweiser (Ugh) and they commented on how sweet their beer was and how it wasn't as enjoyable.
    -Cheap tequila (Jose Cuervo) still tasted like tequila (without it being as rough), I was told it was supposed to make it taste like very expensive tequila (We had a big Mexico tripper person who wasn't impressed).
    -Wine (red and white) both taste a lot more like grape-juice or syrupy grapey stuff, kinda like Welch's. People were not happy with their wine being ruined.
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    That is a trip.

    I need one that converts bitter into something else though. Bitter flavors are where I'm most sensitive.
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    I had these once. I did the lemon but wasn't prepared with anything else. I'd love to try again, when I did it they were a friend's. Thanks for the reminder !

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