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Thread: 3 Reasons to Avoid Aura Kingdom

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    I stopped reading at 25+ lel.

    Get to 50+ then I'll consider your opinions as something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by imported_JoshuaBojangles View Post
    Im pretty sure Aeria has only closed 2 anime games. DoMo had a long run but the devs werent providing new content and it slowly died. It had nothing to do with other games.

    Kitsu closed because kitsu was garbage, they literally just reskinned GF and shipped out a buggy mess. I guess you could argue GF played a part in it shutting down but only because its exsistence made kitsu pretty pointless.

    EE has consitently been way more poular than GF but you dont see them shutting it down, do ya?

    And finally, just because you spent money on a game doesnt mean you get reimbursed when it shuts down. It was your choice to spend and you arent entilted to anything but the specific goods you purchased. If the spublisher provides compensation thats solely their choice.
    They look at what they bring in, not the player base. With kitsu's case, they had a large playerbase, but due to the fact that it was way to easy to earn ingame cash and no one would spend their money on the crappy tiered spender rewards, which made it close down. GF doesn't have a playerbase, but it has the money flow. Same with EE. That game isn't really active, it just have a lot of people running multiple accounts to sell their stuff, and to make it worse, they also have the money flow coming in.

    Also, some company's atleast give you some rewards due to your money spend. Not in a physical form, but more as in early access to things, or points for one of their new games or the most popular one, that every point you've bought and spend the last few months before closing down.

    It's true they don't have to, but Aeria is going down a awful road. From giving rewards for reaching certain things in their CB's you now have to pay hundreds of dollars to get a invite, to something that you need to help with fix or stabilize.

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    Level 25+ takes about an hour or two to reach =/ it's not like you've tried the whole game by then, like dungeons or pvp :3

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    Quote Originally Posted by xezek View Post
    Level 25+ takes about an hour or two to reach =/ it's not like you've tried the whole game by then, like dungeons or pvp :3
    Yeah it looks insanely fast to level which isn't a bad thing.. really looks like they are leading off from where Eden Eternal is right now where it isn't too hard to level but the grind will kick in with level increases.

    Btw cbt on 23rd so don't forget to get your fb cbt keys when the app is relased on facebook.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marcipaans View Post
    Congratz. You just described majority of F2P MMORPGS out there.
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