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Thread: Best 15-ish inch ultrabook/light laptop

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    Default Best 15-ish inch ultrabook/light laptop

    Price max is like 2.5k

    Will need to use it for the next 2/3 years at least. and will need it to be portable for uni. Thanks

    Will need it to run games at decent settings. I know lightness / gaming has a compromise but i wont be playing games on max graphics etc on my laptop. I already have a gaming PC, just wont be using it all the time

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    Dell XPS 15 has a 750m, you should be able to play most games at low/med. I just got a gigabyte p35k which has a 765m and runs games well too. Only problem with these thin laptops is that they tend to overheat. The new macbook pro also has the 750m but I don't know how much it costs. If samsung every haswell refreshes the ativ book 8 in the US it'll have the 8870m which is also a very powerful mobile graphics card.

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