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Thread: Looking for staff members (GM) for my online game.

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    Default Looking for staff members (GM) for my online game.

    Hello my name is Josh and I am getting ready to release my online browser rpg game that I have been working on for a very long time. Everything is ready to go online and allow for players to begin playing, I just have to test and fix a few small issues and then the game will enter into OPEN BETA.

    The reason I am here is because I am looking for 3 (only 3 right now) staff members to help me watch the game and make sure players are not cheating/spamming/or breaking the rules. You do not have to have experience with coding, but it does help.

    If you help me and I choose you, I will teach you how to be a GM and watch the game for cheaters and the likes. You MUST be 18 and have Skype. Those are the two requirements.. if you want to learn more then keep reading...

    First off, the game is

    This game is not like most browser games in the way that the gameplay is focused. I am a big fan of real roleplaying and I wanted to offer players a way to roleplay with other characters in a fantasy world while also leveling up, doing quests, creating guilds, involving themselves in pvp and other things. I could not find a game that truly offered this for me, so what did i do? I decided to take on this task myself..

    So, I ask that you have some experience in roleplaying and know how to roleplay chat as it will be a big part of the game.

    If you are interested, reply here and I will PM you with some questions.
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    Not interested in being a GM, but I am interested in the game. Will the experience be similar to Star Wars Combine and Renaissance Kingdoms?
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    i really like your homepage green forest banner.

    will it be maybe like little cute adventurer animated icons running round maybe in a 3d-like forest adventure map?
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