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Thread: Wud u be angry if the rich/elite flew away & left Earth a ruined wasteland? yory not?

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    Default Wud u be angry if the rich/elite flew away & left Earth a ruined wasteland? yory not?

    How mad or angry would you be, and what kind of violence would you pursue, if suddenly these events happened :-

    1) It is proven the world's rich and elite have been paying for a mass campaign of disinformation about global climate change and peak oil.

    2) They did it just to buy their own families time to build their own private colony ships to escape Earth. You are NOT included.

    3) Thanks to their disinformation, the world will be a wasteland in 20 years and everyone left here will PERISH. No further colony ships will be possible.

    What would you do? Will you be mad? Would you fight back now with violence while you can? Or will you allow them to escape with impunity?

    1% pays for anti-climate change propaganda~

    Peak oil already passed us~

    is it time to panic? why or why not?

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    fight back with violence!

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    I think I read that book. Or was it a movie?

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    Quote Originally Posted by queenvoo View Post
    Wud u be angry if the rich/elite flew away & left Earth a ruined wasteland?
    No because I am rich.

    And it's not like animal overpopulation is a new concept. Something will come to kill us off eventually. Maybe overinflation from a broken world-economy from mass-starvation from soaring food-prices from dramatic increases in fertilizer from rising oil prices from depletion of oil since there's only so much of it.

    Fossil fuels consumption, the war on terror, evolution, and political censorship are still controversial-issues? Ok, brb invading someone with oil, cuz it's not like we should cut military-spending in favor of renewable energy spending. (Or the thousands of other underbudget organizations which would be more useful to society than handing someone an aircraft carrier.)

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    Meh. I'd just deaaaaaaaaaal with it.

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    Looks like somebody watched Elysium recently.

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