hey i have been completely video game free for about 6months and im interested in finding a new game. ive spent most of my gaming time in secret of the solstice until that got shutdown and then solstice reborn and then that got shut down, i played alot of iris online and that got shutdown, world of warcraft i have a lvl 90 character with decent gear but i just couldnt stay up and raid on the specific times( i have a social life) and maplestory i just didnt feel like spending $1000 dollars frequently to be the best of the best

what im looking for
Grinding or quest system like wow
farming monsters for loot/gear
dungeons(not a necessity)
alot of equipment and stats and alot of room for improvement ie. upgrading, extra stats etc.
costumes like cash shop

and most of all a game that wont shut down!