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Thread: Rise Of Metin An unmached adventure Awaits

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    Default Rise Of Metin An unmached adventure Awaits

    Rise of Metin-R.O.M.

    Mysterious meteors, also known as metin, are tearing the universe apart. A powerful magic explosion during the final days of the Universe War has left the veil between Earth and other planar dimensions destroyed and torn.

    Treacherous and powerful, these meteors occur when another plane of reality intersects with the magnetic fields protecting Earth. The intersection created portals for metin invasion, destroying the lands and people of Earth, but they may also grant otherworldly power to those brave enough to seize it.

    Now no part of Earth is truly safe. Invasions can occur anywhere and at any time, and the danger to Earth is growing. At the same time, races from other universe cross over to Earth. Two major factions have emerged to save the Earth from chaos and destruction: the Alliance and the Union. Both factions undermine one another to seize Earth's future.

    While little is known about the exact nature of the intersection, the two factions strive to unlock the mysteries of these massive portals and they went back in time for solutions. It is believed that the openings are being caused by direct attacks on the magnetic fields surrounding Earth and could bend actual historical time spaces.

    They found out in each of these time spaces, there are special metin stones which have the abilities to control the Earth's magnetic fields and are able to give powers to those who possess them. In search of these stones, wars broke out between both factions and the rivalry get stronger.

    How many of these metin stones actually exist? No one knows!

    An inside look in rise of metin:http:

    Here is my opinion about the game:
    From pictures the game looks nice,but when you get inside it's really amazing,it's something you never saw before,hunting is very fun,lots of actions..although at low lv you 1shot mos,but after the combat is longer and it's very fun,you got plenty of quests to reach lv 50 in 2 days which is fun,but after you gotta make lots of things to lv up:main quests,side quests,daily quests,quests for instances,dungeons or from grinding...but guess what? these are not the only ways to exp: you got guild events,where you can take xp eazy 1/day and its good xp,in cityes there are statues of the greatest heroes on server,you can pray at those statues and you get your xp etc..PvP system is fun,you can pk ppl or pvp switching on killing mode,and although there are factions at first you play on same areas,finally,at higher levels you can choose your faction which i think it's unique,normal and very fun.There are plenty of things to do,to discover,to see,for this come join us on:

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