A while back i played a game with 3 choosable factions and it was based in the 3 asian kingdoms time period

Here are some things about the game:

1. Weekly/Daily battles( cant remember how often) happened at certain times where MASSIVE battles would occur and the 3 factions(Blue, Red, and Green) Would fight over land.
2.In the middle of the map there was a NPC faction called the Yellow Turbans.
3. Guilds were in the factions and they made a majority of battle decisons
4. you got owned in battle if you were not a very high level
5. This game was being played before DWO was released, and might have shut down by now since this game was the same Empires/factions as Dynasty Warriors Online
6. I believe it was click to kill but could be very wrong
7. You got to chose your faction at the very start of the game
8. game is VERY similar to Heroes of the 3 kingdoms but not quite it i dont believe

If you know the game im talking about or any game similar i would enjoy please let me know