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    Hey Guys, I'm new here, and, I came here for mostly one reason, but I have 2 things I wish to ask for anyway, so, let's get started

    1. Does anyone know a Fantasy MMORPG with a leveling system similar to that of SAO (Sword Art Online) (the anime) where you get lots of different stats (Cooking, Strength, Health, Speed, Crafting etc.) and alright combat? that, in my mind, would be the best mmorpg out there, and, because of that, I really want to play one!

    2. are there any closed beta keys for Aura Kingdom that have been left unused? if so, can you please email them to me at, I will pay you back with a favor of some sort, I am desperate

    Thank you for reading this, and thank you even more if you commented,

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