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You lose all credibility with an avatar and sign like this but whatever...

I agree with people disappointed that this class is restricted to just 1 race, and i can say this as user that play Elin as a primary race. I still think that every race should play every class.
wWell that I like anime has nothing to do with that I donīt like the Elin race cuz Teras has nothing to do with anime and to be honest I donīt like the race I just donīt I prefer Amani or Human. Some like small people and some like small girls at the age of 300 "According to Tera lore Elins can be up to age of 300".

And yes I donīt like it to be race restricted itīs just stupid like I hate that SWTOR has race restriction for F2P I only know 2 games who make good f2p services that's Rift and DDO. I hate the same with some mmos that even have gender restrion on classes like hey wanna play priest then you must play female.

Yes I will probably make and Elin to try the class out because I got nothing against that race I just donīt like it like I donīt like gnomes in wow or halfings in Neverwinter but I would still play them if they was class restricted or they had some race stat that works best for that class . Like in Tera I would pick and elf mage for the reason that the elf has a nice Mana racial skill.

Also if little PMS Otakun wanna know why I pick Goblin over Elin is 2 reason I find them cool evil and in goblin lore they are not to be trifle with and I always like being on the evil side in games but if I shall be mental retarded for that so be it at least I got my own opinion on witch race I like.