Hi, so a friend of my is holding a survey about friendship among mmorpg gamers. So if you have a few min to spare, please held her out.
Welcome, and thank you for filling in this survey, which is part of a study in pursuit of a Methods and Statistics course, for the faculty of social sciences at Utrecht University. The survey contains some questions on online friends and some questions abouts aspects of your personality. Please only fill in the survey if you have or once had one or more online friends.

You are not obliged to answer a question if you do not want to, and you can stop at any time you want. However, we want to remind you that the survey is completely anonymous and the data will not in any way trace back to you. The data will be used only in the pursuit of this course. Results from the study may lead to subsequent research.
If you are unsure what is meant by a certain concept, use the definition that came first in mind when reading it.
If you are interested in the results of the survey, you can indicate so at the end. Comments and questions can also be written at the end, by sending us an email, or by replying to our forum post.
Good luck with filling in the survey
Here is the link: http://www.thesistools.com/web/?id=383013