So yeah, I thought I was gonna have to start from scratch, but its looking like my dad will be giving me his old PC. If nothing else, I'll have a case and power supply to start with

What will y'all need to know about it when I get it to tell me which parts are compatible and how to upgrade? I should probably have it Sunday afternoon if all goes according to plan. I don't mind putting a couple hundred into it... I'm not really looking to do any gaming on it, maybe some indie stuff which typically isn't resource heavy. Anything I can get on consoles will be bought for consoles still.

I won't need HD output, that is the monitor I have.

I would like wireless in favor of the ethernet it probably they still make those USB dongles for that? Better alternatives?

Any suggestions on a keyboard or mouse? It doesn't need to have over 9000 buttons for gaming, nor does it need to be wireless. Don't need something super fancy, but I do likes me some hotkeys.

Is Windows 8 or Windows 7 better? I like Windows 7, but I'm not opposed to finding myself an upgrade.

Sorry to be so dumb. I haven't had my own PC for like 3 years. I don't know anything about it, and won't until Sunday. I know it was built in like '06 - and it was a ****ing beast back, probably one of the best PCs I had seen at the time. I realize that was a long time ago haha.