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Thread: Looking for a new MMO to play.

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    Default Looking for a new MMO to play.

    As title says, looking for a new MMO to play since all my MMO's I play are getting really boring quickly. Possibly even looking for people to search MMO's with and we could try them out with each other, after all gaming with others is more enjoyable than gaming alone. Some info ;

    -I absolutely HATE PvP, and therefore I don't want any MMO's that have open world forced PvP.

    -Has to have some good PvE gameplay.

    -Has to be free ofcourse !

    -Has to be EU based or have EU servers, I like Eden Eternal for example but it has that 2-3 second delay for EU players making it unplayable for me atleast.

    Anything other than that doesn't really matter. I like anime and fantasy kind of art, I even like the WoW type of art since I've played and enjoyed WoW a fair amount. Specs don't matter either, I can run everything on max without a problem.

    Thanks in advance for the suggestions, and if you'd like to go try out and look for MMO's with me and play together just add me on skype -> Rancidrode and we'll try and find and try out some MMO's together. You have to be a PvE type of player too, since I absolutely despise PvP. Anyways again, thanks in advance for the replies.

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    I'm currently not playing any MMORPGs and don't want to play any, but I'm also a PVE players and those MMORPGs had really fun PVE for me:
    Ragnarok Online
    Dragon Nest (instanced)
    Dungeons and Dragons Online (very good for party play with fixed group)

    Phantasy Star Online
    The Secret World

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    Eldevin :
    -Free to play
    -Fantasy style
    -PvE with optional PvP, no forced PvP
    -Has EU server
    -Classless combat system, can be a sword-wielding, fireball-casting hybrid dude with some healing spells if you want.

    Currently playing: Eldevin Online as a Deadly Assassin

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    Though I also had no clue what some of these things were.

    I think I'll have to treat myself to a new White Print Black Mini Dress soon.

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