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Thread: Utopia - Free MMO-strategy

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    Default Utopia - Free MMO-strategy

    Utopia is one of the oldest running massively multiplayer online browser game. It is a real-time strategy in virtual persistent online fantasy world where use Player versus Player and Team versus Team interactions. The Game uses a text user interface, this means there are no required installs and game works fast and flawlessly.

    Utopia is based in fantasy world where you are offered to choose your ruler from 8 distinctive races and 8 personalities. As a ruler of your province you must work together with other players in your kingdom, to achieve desired goals. Play as a glorious war hero striking down foes and monsters. Stealthy thieve killing soldiers during their sleep. Great and powerful mage calling out massive fireballs from the sky onto your enemies heads. Or anything in between. Research new technologies, advancing your province to never reached heights. Become an economical powerhouse by building banks and swimming in gold.

    Game awards players with high activity level, team players and players who are willing to learn. Although game is rumored to be one of hardest web games, there are various third party tools to help you out and your fellow kingdom players who are willing to set you up and help out.

    After 3 months game is restarted, giving everyone fresh start and chance to choose new race and personality.

    We welcome all new players with open arms and hopefully will make you feel at home.
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