Like most people in this world im having a hard time with my life right now .. I'll break it down for those who care if you want to skip to the point skip my next paragraph.

i am 22 now .. I use to do a lot of music back when i was 14 all the way up to last year. Just don't have the passion i once use to have for it as well as the buzz i had when i was younger faded when work and bills got in the way of my studio time.
i never went to college after highschool i been working full time since then in the retail world mostly tmobile at&t and now sprint. Im tired of retail & just want to find a career or a new path. Reason i havent gone to college is because i am helping my mom and brothers pay our new house morgage.. Its our first house we grew up living in the projects and decided to take a leap of faith. If i decide to go to school i will have no good income ..

I have been working for sprint for a few months but i am thinking about leaving sprint so i can start a one year IT program that will pay me about $300 every two weeks and will get me in an internship 6months in .. Program is called Year Up but they do not guarantee a job at the end of this program. But if i do get a job it would be a nice 9-5 mon-fri something stable and more of a career then sprint i assume.. Not sure what to do

i have also recently became interested im developing as well as photography .. But one of my buddies who is a developer said it would be too tough for me to start now ..

As for the photography i just wanted to know if ppl actually made money by selling photos to companys that make post cards ect?

Just looking for opinions and guidance