what are you thankful for?

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    Default what are you thankful for?

    i guess ill be going first.

    I am thankful for being alive. Even if i am not always happy.
    I am thankful for having my family.
    I am thankful for having a god. :some dont belive some do ^^ beliveing in someting helps me stay alive in hopes of a good afterlife. Still learning my faith though:

    I am thankful for goa trance.psytrance.darkpsytrance.psycore.downtempo. high tech.psychedelic techno.morning trance.forest trance.twilight trance.

    I am thankful for having internet and a pc.
    I am thankful for onrpg.
    I am thankful for having all my sense. Taste sight hereing feeling and etc.
    I am thankful for being able to know when a lost soul is near me and being able to feel it.
    i am thankful for being different then others.

    okay your turn guys
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