So, it's been a while since we've had a Wurm Online thread. I know a few OnRPGers, including myself, play/have played this game. The shortest description I can give the game is a medieval sandbox game with light-fantasy elements. You essentially play the role of someone that lives and exist within a medieval world where the gods are real and monsters roam the land (as well as normal animals). My favorite features in the game are the terraforming (you can literally take down or build mountains, if you want to put forth the time and effort), the building system (you can make huge, sprawling cities or tiny farms with a ranch house), and the simulated vegetation/tree system (trees, grass, flowers, etc... grows and spreads). New features and neat stuff are released at a decent rate, the next "big thing" to come out being bridges. The last massive update was the introduction of multistory buildings.

If you're interest in trying out the game, I can try and help you out by answering your questions. If you want to give the game a go and want some help starting, you are invited to join me in Minowick, the town I'm currently living in on the Serenity server, in the Epic Cluster. We're part of the Jenn-Kellon kingdom.Think of servers as continents, and Clusters as worlds. The Epic cluster is a PVP-enabled cluster with 2x skill gain and something called "the Curve" that basically doubles your effective skill (with 20 skill, you essentially have the equivalent of 40 skill on other servers).

I'll include more screenshots later on, but here are a few. You can also read my review of the game that I wrote earlier this year for a more-indepth look at the pros/cons, what it has to offer, etc...

My friend and I preparing to go on a hunt. He wasn't skilled enough for a horse, so he had to ride his trusty battle-cow.

This funny looking guy will be your best friend as a newbie. You'll be introduced to him in the tutorial and he will completely fill your food and thirst bar (yes, there is a hunger/thirst system in the game) for the first 24 hours you spend in the game.