OK. So I have a computer again, yay. I haven't had one for a very long time and now I do. However, now I feel like an old person trying to figure out a cell phone. "U kids still call these here apps widgets?"

Srsly though. Got win7...what kinda tweaks do you guys suggest? I'd really like something that pops up a notification when I have a new email. Also maybe a weather widget. Also, I had something that allowed me to right click > resize image once upon a time, I really liked that.

And whatever other stuff I can't think of. Does windows 7 have a rotating wallpaper feature? I seemed to think it did. Where do I put my wallpapers? I'm gonna go spend 8 hours on wallbase and do it to it.

ALSO - Chrome extensions besides adblock. ALSO keyboard and mouse suggestions - not something that is like $100...I don't game, but I'd like something solid and reliable and comfortable. Wired/wireless, whichever. Wired preferred because **** batteries.