Having serviced Project Blackout over the past few years was a true privilege for all of us here at Gamerage. We understand that you have a choice in the games you play in this competitive market of Free-to-Play online games, and would like to thank you for choosing our game over others time and time again.

It is with great sadness to announce that Gamerage will be discontinuing service of Project Blackout in coming January, of year 2014 - this was by no means an easy decision to make. We are however glad to inform you that work is underway to find a new publisher who is willing to continue servicing Project Blackout after it is released from Gamerage.

While we would keep you informed as more developments come in, here are important pointers:
- Project Blackout for North American players WILL continue after it leaves Gamerage, through a new publishing firm or an equivalent organization.
- Players will still be able to play until the closing date which will be disclosed at a later time.
- Your gameplay data will be transferred over to the new service when the service transfer occurs. More details will be made available as soon as possible
- Maintenance today will be closing down all items with ’90 days’ duration marks (Oct. 16th)
- Shop items other than 90D duration will remain in the shop until a later date.

We wish to thank you for taking your part in Project Blackout at Gamerage. We realized this news carries as a shock to some, and as gamers ourselves we here at Gamerage understand the loss you may be feeling as a result. Further news will be made public as soon as they become available, so we encourage you to keep looking back at our website and Facebook, found at http://pb.gamerage.com and http://facebook.com/projectblackout, respectively.

Wishing you all the best,
Project Blackout Team