The Seafort Saga is a series of science fiction novels written by American author David Feintuch. The novels are set from the late-22nd century to the mid-23rd century and relate the adventures of Nicholas Seafort, an officer in the (fictional) United Nations Naval Service. The series is a collection of personal accounts, usually from the perspective of Nicholas Seafort, describing Seafort's adventures, beginning as a lowly midshipman, to the elected leader of earth, and finally to the captain of the UNNS flagship Olympiad. Although most books in the series are told from a single perspective, usually Seafort's, Voices of Hope is a collection of accounts from several sources: Seafort's son, PT, the son of a friend of Seafort's, and a transient boy named Pook. Additionally, Children of Hope is narrated by Randy Carr, the son of a close friend of Seafort's.

This is one of my favorite series I've ever read. I would honestly say that it is more important to me than Ender's game. I think what I like so much about it is the style of sci-fi it offers. There's faster-than-light travel, but it's not instant or super-fast like in most sci-fi settings. In this universe, FTL travel is called "fusing", and it can take as long as 14 months to travel some 70 light years of space. That, combined with a united government that resulted from a nuclear WWIII, has caused a society that resembles a sci-fi 18th century-like British Empire. The story centers around a character, Nick Seafort, as he progresses from Midshipman to his accidental Captains rank.

I believe there's 7 (possibly 8) books in the series. The last time I read the series, there was only 4 books and I loved them all. Recently I found out that more books had been released and I have bought them all on kindle and have been in the process of re-reading the first four books. Each book is quite long, which is something I love as I usually finish a three hundred page book in a couple of hours, yet it takes me nearly a day to get through one Seafort book.

If you're looking for a new sci-fi series to look into, you can get the digital version of the book for $6 or so, and I think the print isn't much more expensive. Definitely worth the money.