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Thread: What is your New Year's resolution?

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    Default What is your New Year's resolution?

    Happy New Years everybody!

    It's the start of a great new year and I'm sure everyone here has something to accomplish this year no matter how small or large it is.

    Here is my small list of things to accomplish this year:
    1. Get my scrawny ass off my computer to work out and gain weight
    2. Spend more time with my girlfriend
    3. Keep my straight A's in school
    4. Become more social
    5. Play less games

    Enough about me. Tell me about you!

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    I'm going to actually save money this year. Lol.

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    hmm this is going to be quite hard for me but lets try shall we

    1. work on being a little nicer. im nice but aslo can be a ass hole sometimes.
    2. try not to sleep as much but meh life sucks its best to sleep it away. but will try to stay awake if i can.
    3. destroy the sun.i hate you sun light you here me I HATE YOU.
    4. try to love my self more instead of hating my self.
    5. be more nice to my family.
    6. work on my anger problems. Im not sure why im so full of hate.
    7. learn my faith more.
    8. try to take my meds like im supposed to instead of skiping them. Thank you to the best nurse in the world for keeping in check with me and making sure i take my meds.
    9. buy my first deathcore album and are goa trance one.
    10. learn how to wash my clothing.
    11. be more wise with what money i have left over from bills.
    12. work on my food addiction
    13. try to quit smoking...probably cant but who knows?
    14. continue being me and not being like all the clones in this world.
    15. somehow get a girl friend that is as crazy as me .

    i thank that is all for now. im sure here is more but im not too sure right now

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    1. Become more awesome (this is a freebie, I do this automatically as I age like a fine wine)
    2. Fuck up less

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