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Thread: Recommend me a ~650W PSU pls :(

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    Default Recommend me a ~650W PSU pls :(

    Hey people.

    I currently have a cooler master 725 Extreme 2 PSU. Its the only part of my rig that i forgot to read the review, bought it because it was on super sale

    Most of the reviewers said its bad and.. it is bad. After almost 2 months of use, it shows some sign of instability. Random freezes even when idling and today, the computer shut down when i leave it on for few hours(came back from work and the system is down)

    My rig:

    i5 4570
    r9 280x vapor
    2x4gb sniper gskill ram
    gigabyte b85 d3h motherboard

    I have limited option to stuff due to where i live but just suggest away and ill try to look for it.

    Im planning to go for this: Seasonic SSP-650RT

    Havent got much review on it but i think anything Seasonic makes is good?

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    Mind giving us a website that you can order from or list the items you can go pick up in the store? Since you're from NZ I obviously can't use Newegg and I don't know how Amazon works down there. ><

    Either way, Seasonic should be a fairly decent PSU producer.

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    I recommend the EVGA 650W Gold psu. It's gold standard, uses Japanese caps, and it's modular.

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