Twelve sky 2 is a Martial Arts fantasy MMORPG which was publisher by AeriaGames a while ago.
The game has a lot to offer on both PvE and PvP scales and has many fun features like epic pets and mounts, a crafting and enchanting system which will keep you anticipated with updating your equipment throughout the game to make yourself even more feared in battle then you were before.

When the game went SHUTDOWN in over a year ago many people hoped for a sequel but that never came..
UNTIL NOW! yes, Twelve sky 2 is officially back online under a new publisher named Hungames.
They have already added a few great improvements such as an Anti-bot system to keep this game fair and fun!

If u have played 12 sky before or are totally new to this and feel like trying it out, or if you just want to learn more about the game visit the website by Hungames (can't post links sorry)

Join now and help this games population grow back to its original state!

*Dont let the SHUTDOWN on's Game List fool you.. They have yet to update and I hope they will do this ASAP.

Kind regards,
A satisfied player.