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Thread: Zombie Battle: DayZ vs Infestation Survivor Stories

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    Default Zombie Battle: DayZ vs Infestation Survivor Stories

    So, now that I have played both of the zombie survival sandbox games I thought I would share a little on my experiences.

    Day Z(Stand Alone)
    Price: $30
    Version: Pre-Alpha
    Graphics: 3/5; Near Realism. A optimization issues and glitches lower it from what would be a 4/5.
    Control: 2/5; Sluggish controls and lots of redundant key binds can make controlling the character a bit annoying.
    Customization: 4/5; Basic character customization is... basic but greatly augmented by in game items.
    Community: 3/5; Bandit/Friendly Ratio is pretty even. "Friendly" players are likely to help if possible.

    The game is looking very good for where it is and has TONS on potential but it is a pre-alpha version. Most aspects of the game are glitchy in some way. The game also tries to be a little too realistic. Meaning things like navigation and finding supplies can be a pain. Also the majority of the map is a forest void that offers nothing but hours of walking.

    Infestation: Survivor Stories
    Price: $15
    Version: Release
    Graphics: 2/5; Graphics are moderate but the engine is poorly optimized requiring much more power than expected.
    Controls: 3/5; Controls are designed to be more run and gun than DayZ but are responsive and fairly efficient.
    Customization: 2/5; Basic character customization is limited and cash shop restricted. In game items add little variety.
    Community: 1/5; The vast majority of the community is made up of bandits. They are likely to KOS. Non-hostiles will try to avoid or shoot you preemptively in defense.

    The game has been released and is still actively being updated. The developers are not that skilled or trustworthy so those updates can be iffy when they are released. The map is much smaller but much better utilized, meaning fewer areas void of activity. The game doesn't focus on realism, so things tend to be a bit easier. Also, multiple character slots are nice.

    Day Z: PASS*
    I really like the $30 price tag for two reasons. It supports the developers and keeps hackers to a minimum. But the quality just isn't there yet... In the future yes but right now I can't recommend buying this(and neither can the devs) unless you just want to support the development process.

    Infestation: BUY*
    The $15 prices and frequent sales that bring the game down to $4 on occasion are a double edged sword. Sure you can get the game cheap, but so can the tons of hackers that infest Infestation. That combined with the encouraged cash shop make $15 a little high in my opinion. But I do recommend buying this game... when it's on sale.


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