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Thread: Girl Gamer's PC Build - Need Input

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    I paid $700 for mine two years ago and I was playing Elder Scrolls Online on high settings yesterday with a good framerate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HamsterMascot View Post
    Why the hell did you cheapen out on components?
    Ham, which components are you referring to? She got one of AMD's best Processors. She went with Bunz' PSU. She got more ram than she needed, and a decent MB that even I'm using in my fiancee's amazon build. The only thing that may be subpar in this build is the GPU. For a budget of $700 this is pretty much what I'm building my fiancee but I'm using a R7 260X and 6300 instead. (and a better case, hdd, cpu cooler, fans, etc)

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