I just spent several hours watching a show called "The Haunting Of...<insert celebrity name here>."

Basic Summary: This medium and host, Kim Russo, takes a celebrity back to the place where he/she had a paranormal experience. Throughout the episode, she not only uncovers the reasons or potential reasons why the spirits caused a haunting, but she also speaks on behalf of relatives of each celebrity. She pulls out names of the relatives, specific gestures of the relatives, times, and personal events and conversations, all that would not be known to anyone but the celebrity.

While each episode engulfed me and fascinated me greatly, I spent the whole time wondering if the medium somehow heavily researched the celebrities extensively prior to filming and/or if the celebrities were acting, or if she is a legit medium.

If it is an act, they did a really good job convincing me.

But if she really is a medium and can communicate with the dead, this means several things for me I'm not sure I'm willing to accept:

1. God is real.
2. If God is real, does that mean I have to follow religious dogma?
3. I don't want to follow religious dogma.
4. I don't want to exist in an afterlife.
5. I don't want to be in "limbo" when I die.
6. Don't take my comfortable atheism away from me!
7. Aww shit, I'm mindfvcked.

Although, part of me KIND OF likes the idea that my grandmother may be able to hear me when I speak aloud. I have a lot of guilt and hatred towards myself. I was her caretaker for the last couple months she was alive. I'm only hopeful for the chance to redeem myself. I want to make her proud, and I want to know that she isn't angry at me.

Fellow atheists/agnostics, do you believe in ghosts? If so, how do you rationalize the existence of ghosts with the nonexistence of God?

Religious/God-natured fellows, do you believe in ghosts? If not, how do you rationalize the nonexistence of ghosts with the existence of God?