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Thread: Looking for a Low-Spec F2P MMO

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    Exclamation Looking for a Low-Spec F2P MMO

    Games Played: Maplestory, Mabinogi, Vindicuts, RS, WoW, Fiesta, PW, FW, Shaiya, LOL

    Preferred Genres (Fantasy, Sci-Fi, etc.): Fantasy

    Pricing Model: F2P, preferably no P2W

    Favorite Features: High player base, Customization

    Eastern or Western: Don't Care

    Combat Type: I absolutely HATE Runescape's combat style, and Vindictus's combat got too boring+repetitive too fast

    Preferred Perspective: FP

    Graphics Preference: Anything that won't destroy my ancient Nvidia Geforce 7050/Nvidia nforce 610i

    Released or Upcoming: Released

    I don't really like games like Vindictus where you just go to a hub, get a mission, and smash monsters...I don't really like the traditional "go kill monsters and get me stuff" type quests either...but coming across them is inevitable amirite ? As long as its not excessive I'm fine with it...same goes for grinding

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    If with FP you mean first person, I honestly don't know any low spec FP MMORPGs.

    Ragnarok Online does have a different system, it's mostly grinding, but grinding is rather fun. The modernized version also has kill quests but they are optional. It's open world. If with customization you mean many different builds then yes, that's pretty high. Customization in case of looks is rather low. It should run on your machine for sure.

    Dungeons & Dragons Online has this "hub / get a mission" system, but it's not only about smashing monsters. It's about clearing a dungeon and each dungeon has an interesting story. Game requirement a lot of team work so if you're alone I can't really recommend it, though. Game is a bit older so it might work on your machine.

    Well or if you just want 3D low spec generic MMORPG with high population you could just go Flyff.

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