What day do they reset the weekly humble bundle?

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    Default What day do they reset the weekly humble bundle?

    I looked through their FAQ quick and couldn't find the info. I want Botanicula (I previously bought it, but lost my email years ago) but I don't get paid until Friday and don't have $6 extra kicking around lol (-30 here, had to put extra cash away for ****ing kerosene to heat my home).

    Does it reset Sundays?

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    The main bundle updates on wednesday and the weekly bundle updates on tuesday.

    In fact if you just go to the weekly bundle page it tells you on the second exact how much longer the deal lasts.

    It's 2 days, 0 hours, 24 minutes and 16 seconds time left right now.
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    who do you think u are, giving informative answers and shit

    ask jeeves?

    jesus christ

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