I had a Dream...

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    I had a dream that (matrix) agents where chasing me and I have the powers of Alex Mercer. I didn't fight them though, I tried to run away from them...or rather jump high, glide fast, run on walls and on the ground to get away from them. It kinda ended in a cliffhanger I think...

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    APPARENTLY If you start a dream journal you're much more likely to have lucid dreams, so instead of just being in the hunger games, you can win the hunger games then nail that chick from district 2 (While she has Vulcan ears!).

    Don't move when you wake up in order to more vividly remember your dreams, write them down, and say (in your head or outloud, whatevs) 'I want to have a lucid dream' before going to sleep. Eventually pattern recognition will help you have lucid dreams which are pretty much the coolest poop that kids have ever pooped.
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    Once had a dream of being caught in an atomic bomb explosion, as the wave hit everything went slow motion as I floated up then saw my skin slowly melting and ripping away, then I woke up like

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