Any games similar to Survival Project?

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    Default Any games similar to Survival Project?

    Survival Project was a PvP / PvE. It shut down years ago.
    You would used the keyboard to maneuver your character. You could do a melee attack, long range attack , magic (1 skill) and guard.
    There were no class, only different types of equipments having their own weakness and strenght. For example, some weapons were stronger, but were slower.
    Leveling up didn't really matter in this game, since it didn't make you stronger. (characters themselves didn't have any stats)
    The only things that matter was your skill and the levels of your equipments. The more levels your equip had, the better it was.
    You could level up your equipments by fusing elements (wind , fire , water or earth) to them. Elements were rewarded when you would kill someone or a monster.

    Anyways, I was wondering if there was a game that would be a bit similar to that sort of gameplay.

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    The closest game to Survival Project in NA would be Bloodline Champion. It doesn't offer PvE, or features like fusing elements and stuff, however there's PvP and variety of classes you could choose from like tank, healer, assassin, etc. If you're really desperate to play a game extremely identical to Survival Project, then your best luck would be JP or KR games. I don't have any in mind right now, but i'm sure you could find one.

    Edit: There's also a game called Spiral Knights, it's not necessarily what you're looking for, but it has similar elements to Survival Project.
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