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Thread: Multigaming Community looking for MMO

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    Unhappy Multigaming Community looking for MMO

    Hey guys,
    It's me again.
    My community and i looking for a MMO.
    We already played a lot of games.
    In the end we looking for a game similar to Neocron and Mortal.
    We want to explore and do stuff in a group of people out of the community
    An active fightsystem like in TES would be nice.

    Do you know something?

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    Very fun community game is Dungeons & Dragons Online, but it's a bit different from what you are looking for (you should try it, though).

    Exploration and active fight system, huh? Well I guess Tera is closest to that.
    Of course there's also RaiderZ and similar stuff.
    Well you can find a complete list here:

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