Well, I just finished Guilty Crown and it was decent but pretty short. Here's what I prefer in my Anime's but I'm willing to look at others if they sound like I would be interested:

*Dubbed. I know most people like Subbed but I hate reading and watching them at the same time, regardless if the Voice Actors suck or not.

*Action/Romance It doesn't have to include Romance but Action is a must.

I'm not a big fan of Mecha but It's fine if it's not the main focus.

* Swords and magic are my favorite weapon types but it's not a MUST. I just prefer them over guns and pew pew.

Animes I've watched so far include:

Guilty Crown
kaze no stigma
Dot Hack

There's probably more but I forgot them. I've already downloaded Princess Mononoke so that's on my "To Watch" list. I heard it's fairly good. I usually stay more interested in Anime's when there's a connection with the main character and some girl. Don't ask me why, I've just always enjoyed a good story and this usually adds to it.

So, any suggestions on some that I have missed? I'm sure there's plenty.