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Thread: Horrible first impressions?

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    Default Horrible first impressions?

    Just tried Dragon Nest for the first time.
    Crashed in tutorial where I couldn't hit an orc I was supposed to kill, and it wouldn't let me unstuck or teleport to town.
    Eventually it just went to a black screen where I could only hover my mouse around. :/

    So what are some horrible first impressions of mmorpgs or online games in general you guys have had?

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    Basically never being able to load the game after downloading a massive file, when it does work its utter crap. IP blocks suck too.
    Games that disappointed me are few too many as a veteran gamer, so I'm not going to say any of them. Dragons Nest, I never really liked it, it is good graphically and I never had any problems running it, I just don't like restrictions with maps in games, I prefer open environment and ability for exploration.

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    Hero of the obelisk.

    For some reason IP blocked when there is NO ip block. msged the GM and said use vpn for now so I did, reached lvl 35 I think still was blocked.. So I gave up lol.

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    Many games: Downloading it, installing it, convincing my friend to play it with me, then realizing it's IP blocked and there is no server both my friend and me can play on. :-(

    EverQuest II: Could never get past the character creation screen.

    Eden Eternal: Installed it, logged in and in just 2 minutes I hated everything about the game. Horrible interface, local instant monster respawn points, generic, directly deinstalled.

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    Far too many games too list but more or less the same deal. Take awhile to download and install it. Take awhile to patch it. Play it for an hour or so then uninstall because the game ends up being shit.

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    Right now, Ignited Games' Sevencore.

    Launched the game, it reset my display driver settings (colors and such). Recovered my old account and they generated a gibberish password I'm never going to remember. Tried to copy the password in, no copy paste available for the password field. Then I tried to reset it to something I could remember, there isn't an option to do that on their game site or main website.

    So. Can't even get in game.

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