Anyone on these boards do it? To be clear, I mean tobacco smoking pipes. There was a conversation either in a thread or the shoutbox, can't remember which, that brought up the topic of Oister smoking a pipe. That got me interested in it, so I've been doing some research.

Until recently, I've never thought about smoking. My family has done it since I was a child, and I've grown up with smokers in the same house all my life. Because of that, smoking (specifically, cigarettes) has never appealed to me. However, the idea of smoking a pipe (specifically the kind referred to as a "Churchwarden")as become appealing. Probably due to clever product placement by tobacco corporations in the LOTR movies.

Here is a pic

The pro's of this type of pipe are:
  • Looks bad-ass
  • You won't have it in your mouth constantly like you would with some other types of pipes, so that means less draws
  • The bowl isn't very large so you wont be smoking as much
  • The long stem results in a longer, smoother, cooler draw of smoke which (so people have said) makes for better flavor

Of course, when thinking of consuming something that is toxic to your body, I've decided to look up and research a bit about tobacco smoking via a pipe. From what I read, it's basically the same type of tobacco you would get from a cigarette, with some minute differences. It's just as addictive, and (unless it's 'organic') has almost the same chemicals put in for flavor, aroma, etc... Basically, it's not any safer than cigarettes.

EXCEEEEEPT, from what I've read, pipe smokers tend to feel that they're not addicted to it as much as a cigarette or cigar smoker is. In fact, the only pipe smokers I've seen mention needing to get their "fix" are the ones that take part in other types of tobacco consumption as well (mainly cigar smoking, but sometimes cigarettes). I believe this is because, unlike cigarettes which become a habit, smoking a pipe is seen more as a recreation. Most of the pipe-only smokers I've seen on the net (tens of youtube vloggers, about ten bloggers, and some random people on forums/video comments) say they've gone days and weeks between smokes with no problem. There body even seems to "reject" the want for smoking a pipe when they're sick as well. I don't think this is a physical response, but a psychological one made from the fact that these people are seeing it as a recreation to be done for pleasure, rather than a habit needed to not suffer.

So, the purpose of this thread? Discuss the topic. If any of you smoke pipes, please share any information/insight/experiences with it.