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Thread: Your 2014 goals?

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    Default Your 2014 goals?

    What's everyone's goals for 2014? It's a new year so let's hear what everyone has planned.

    For me, the first goal I have is to move closer to Minnetonka, Minnesota so I can get a better job from my current one. I was originally going to work for this medical company there last year but the traveling distance did not work out so I had to withdraw from the offer.

    My second goal is to get a 350z, possibly around the 07/06' model year. My car still has a nice trade in value so I don't see this being hard to accomplish after I land that previously mentioned job.

    Finally my last issue to deal with is to pay this college back their money I owe when I withdrew last year due to personal issues and schedule conflicts, after that I intend to start next spring.

    Hopefully everything works out for me as planned, I've learned over the years that rushing will only cause things to come to ruins. So now I'm being patient, and more importantly focused.

    How about you guys?

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    quit smoking

    don't get preggo

    solve world hunger

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    Just generally improving life.

    Something more immediate: Get most of the achievements for Metal Gear Rising Reveangeance. By most I mean skipping achievements like getting all S ranks on Revengeance difficulty which...apocalyptic.....and drivers license.

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