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Thread: Tera vs Guild Wars 2.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tecca View Post
    This is exactly what I said when I first started playing. It's still true, but they mask it in a way that's actually fun. If it were simply masked and generic like most MMOs, I'd have burned out a long time ago. Doing it more than once or twice, like any quest in a game, can get very boring though.

    @SorenEmblem: I have no idea why people say PvE is dead. It's very healthy for me, and I'm in the US playing on EU servers.
    Generally due to servers, in NA the one most suggest is Tarnished Coast and....Black Gate I think? Not sure about EU.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cingal View Post
    Generally, if the game has characters which would put you on an FBI watchlist, you're playing an Asian game.

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    I play on Dragonsreach iirc and the PvE there is plenty populated enough.

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    OP already chose GW2, but I just wanted to add in a bit more to this conversation... The only reason to play TERA is for the action combat. The problem with that? There is a AHK script that turns GW2 into a third person shooter/slasher and if you want true action combat, don't bother with TERA. Just wait for BnS or play on an Asian server. Otherwise, TERA is a horrible generic grind fest. Possibly the worst I've played in terms of the repetitive quests.

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