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Thread: Age of Wushu, worth the try?

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    Default Age of Wushu, worth the try?

    As I continue to research, I have ran across a game called Age of Wushu.. Is it worth a try? As I have said in previous forum post, I have been playing world of warcraft for 9 years and have recently retired from that game completely. I'm looking for something new to keep my interest, as all I do is train and on my free time I like to play MMO's. If there is any other MMO options that you think may interest me, let me know. I've been messing around on Tera for the time being.

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    It's a fun game but there are some problems. The publisher sucks and is incompetent. The biggest reason to not get into it is because the population is rapidly going down so most likely you won't be investing a lot of time in that game.

    I recommend GW2 and Rift
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    I'd recommend trying another game since Snail Games is pretty awful in how they're handling the game, if you absolutely want to still try it though I'd recommend the EU server Age of Wulin instead.

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    you can still try the EU version. Its not hosted by Snail and the population on white lotus is still the same (big).

    @ you guys: you should not only speak about one version...we got 2 english versions and
    EU version has no IP block + its different there.

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