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Thread: One weird phobia (involving graphics and video games)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lina View Post
    Wait, so that was your Wii U ID?
    Well now I feel really silly, I was trying to add that name ingame somehow.

    Oh, and expect BlendaCake in that case.
    My Wii U id is different than my MH3U id.
    I wasn't sure about which to add at first either because my IGN and NNID is different as well, so it's all good ^_^. Yeah your NNID is the orange one on the upper right in your friend list. Oh, and I'm off tonight but work this sat into sun morning, then I'm off until wed night.

    Finally finished making the Ludroth set after capturing it a bunch of times for 2 of it's claws...and now I need 6 more for a weapon upgrade.
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