So I finally got a copy of Monster Hunter Ultimate 3 (or is it 3 Ultimate?) for the Wii U.
I pop it in, enjoy it immensely, then get to the quest, "Guts, It's What's For Dinner" and realize 1. I have to fight underwater and 2. I have to pay attention to my surroundings in case a specific big boss monster shows up every now and then and I have to swim to land and run out of the area as fast as I can if he spots me.
And looking it up...this quest is required.
Being underwater makes me feel helpless enough, but the boss is just big enough to freak me out.

It was at this time I realized I have the weirdest phobia ever.
I don't even know what to call it but, I think it IS a phobia of sorts because it really seems to scare me.
When I see a huge monster in a video game, and I mean my character is very little or itsy bitsy in comparison....I freak the frick out.
And not the fun, "Teehee, this is a fictional setting and all is awesome!" kinda freak out.
I mean I shake, I get scared to blink or go to sleep, I become paranoid...

Does anybody ANYBODY know what the heck is going on here?!
What kind of sane person gets so shaken up by graphics?!!
Also, noooo I just got this game and if I don't conquer this phobia I won't be able to enjoy it!!