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    Default 2014 Predictions

    Just like the previous years, the OnRPG/MMOHut writing team has begun to publish their predictions for this year. Just like last year, I am making a thread to ask the community to share their predictions as well. Personally, I see ESO not being as successful as was hoped. I'm sure a lot of you will disagree with that so feel free to share your opinions.

    To help get things started, here are some links to the writing teams predictions.
    ApocaRUFF - ESO Failing
    Mikedot - The Rise of Non-Linear MMOs
    DizzyPW - Death and Rebirth of an Industry
    Abubakr - Professionalism in E-sports
    Ministryl - The Console MMO War and Happy MOBA Players
    Proxzor - Let Gamers Be Heard
    Ragachak - ESO, Blizzard, and Final Fantasy

    YouTube Video
    ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed.

    As you can see, there's a wide variety of predictions this year, so it should be interesting to see who got it right.

    Lets see your predictions.
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    I predict Ludicrous will come out and announce that he is actually a large number of chinchillas speaking in concert dressed as a man :I

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    I predict that this year will be very similar to last year and that we'll all be disappointed and hopeful that 2015 will be better.

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    Hmmm I don't foresee any mmo that's currently 'coming soon' doing particularly well honestly.

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    Any predictions on if a few certain games everyone has had their eyes on will FINALLY come out after years of delay?

    My list includes Phantasy Star Online 2 (English), Blade and Soul (English), Archeage (English). Those 2 are pretty big ones that could be fairly successful but due to numerous obstacles have still not come out yet.

    Another game included is Everquest Next. Only Landmark is planned to come out in 2014, with the actual EQN coming out some time in 2015, but I'm sure plenty of people have high expectations even for Everquest Next Landmark. :P
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    i expect Champions of Regnum to perform really well in 2014, and return outstanding player growth, but still be overlooked by the general industry who loves to cling to hype and big budgets, and bad gameplay.

    in particular, i expect longevity of players in Regnum to outshine many other mmos and for Regnum to be an outstanding indie success, probably outlasting ESO in the years to come.

    i actually think Shores of Hazeron, Shadowbane (if it should return fully) and games like the Repopulation have a chance of becoming outstanding performers if they all come out in 2014. I tend to feel these types of mmos are showing the way forward.

    (edits :-
    Wildstar+ESO - dead within 2-3 years.
    PSO2 - has its own niche market and should survive well)
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    Be warned - I am a major player of Regnum Online the mmo. I've been playing it for about 2 years and rarely go without logging in at least once a day. You can also look at good alternatives to Regnum such ase Aion online and Aika Online.

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    ESO Failing
    I agree 100% Not even an F2P transition will save it from diving into obscurity. There is just too much competition doing things better already that will prevent this game from sustaining itself on a B2P & P2P model. And by the time it transitions to F2P and/or implements any major gameplay changes, bigger and better games will be available. This is just really bad timing imo. It blows my mind that FF14 was the only game to release during the last half of 2013. It would have been a perfect opportunity for ESO to gain some traction.

    The Rise of Non-Linear MMOs
    First I'd just like to say, I honestly think it's time for developers and gamers alike to stop bringing WoW into their discussions. That game has literally achieved invincible status and should be considered and outlier or mutation for all intents and purposes. Trying to make a game better than it, clone it, or be entirely opposite of it always ends up doing more harm than good. Your real competition and focus should be all of the other games that aren't WoW.

    In regards with the article I don't really think sandbox will be the solution to the non-linear burnout. I personally love the "leveling up" aspect of games but I never really don't want to commit to the endgame. There are some games where I end up getting involved but in the end I just resort to leveling up a new character to re-experience the journey. Instead I would love for games to have a well-planned PvP counterpart for their endgame. Most developers are still under the mentality that players don't want PvP and if they do, they just add it on like an afterthought instead of making it a priority. Maybe this was true a few years ago, where most mmo players were opposed to the confrontation and anguish that could come from a pvp within a virtual world but that's no longer the case. Mobas like league of legends being huge only prove that the modern gamer can handle pvp. GW2 is example of doing this right in regards to the PvP, but their PvE content lacked because of it. If developers set out to please both PvE and PvP audiences from the start, I strongly believe that most other pitfalls and "lack of content" whiners will stick around long enough to see their worries and concerns addressed eventually. The only issue then becomes the attitude and human behavior problems that occur from having a game focused heavily on the competitiveness of PvP, which is better than having a dead game imo.

    The Death and Rebirth of an Industry
    Why does ESO still have an NDA so close to release? This is obvious doing more harm than good, not that the game stood a chance anyway.

    I honestly don't see jaded gamers as being an issue. The only people I find complaining are the mmo "hoppers" who don't believe a game they feel is bad can be enjoyed by other people. These are the ones you see on forums who don't have a "main" game and just jump from one to another to find one. I had an mmo MSN group way back in 2009. There was at-least 15 of us and we would talk about MMOs and play them together in the same guild and whatnot. But slowly each one of us found a game and stopped showing up. Lost quite a few to swtor, gw2, and recently ff14. They found a game and don't keep up with the trends and happenings of other mmos because of it. I got absorbed into Dungeon Fighter Online myself and didn't play much else in my free time until it closed down. But now I'm one of the jaded gamers who isn't pleased with anything I play. Although I personally try to stay as optimistic as I can about new titles, time and time again I find myself dissapointed and unwillingly carry that resentment to the next game I try. And what bothers me the most is games behind NDAs spinning their positivity and hyping up their game with very little negative press in the mix. Why is there a need for your NDA in the first place? MMO players know the deal by now: Your game will have bugs, Your gameplay might change after testing, Your high level content will be revealed on the first day by hardcore grinders. All that's left for us to assume is that you're keeping the negative press at bay and your game is secretly terrible.

    Professionalism in eSports
    eSports needs 2 things to thrive, merit and entertainment value
    As far as entertainment goes, I don't think the majority of gamers yet grasp just how much money their is to make with the success of an eSport. Video sites like youtube and twitch probably have advertisers fighting to give them money. And because of that every moderate streamer who can pull a decent amount of viewers gets a partnership to keep them streaming and keep the viewers coming back. So the advertisers get money, the video services get money, the streamers get money and all while providing front row seats, free of charge, to any gaming tournament possible. All that's missing is from the equation is the professionalism, which isn't going to change as long as gaming as a sport is still seen as ridiculous in North America. I'll be glad to see if this changes in 2014 but I still think it's too soon to expect anything.

    The Console MMO War and Happy MOBA Players
    Yea I'm sure console mmos and coming hard and fast. My only wish is that we don't end up with shallow, casual games that PC gamers don't tend to stick around for.

    As far as MOBAs are concerned, I think the LoL phenomenon is a WoW-like event in which it's dominance in the market is only going to grow and make competition impossible. Devs need to realize there is no taking down the beast once it's reached the #1 most played PC game world wide. Add that to the fact that it's current major competition(Dota2 and Smite) already have solid and stable player bases and I really don't see a point in any new mobas trying to dethrone the 3 of them. The learning curve in these 3 mostly come from experience and playtime. The more you play the game, the better you will understand it. There are tiers separating the really good players from the beginners, so starting out already seems like a casual affair to me.

    Let Gamers Be Heard
    I'm a big fan of the idea of kickstarter so I'm hoping that game developers with bold ideas will step up to the plate in 2014. Now is the time before the internet turns it's back on crowd funding, which is sure to happen eventually as more and more disappointing ventures emerge, just not in 2014.

    Hearthstone is going to make a huge splash. The only problem is blizzard doesn't seem to fully understand how or why they have stumbled into this untapped market. Their project, which literally started with a handful of people, now needs more love and care than most other actual mmos. I have never seen a stable community build so fast as it has around hearthstone. The ball is completely in their court on whether the game will fizzle out before the end of 2014. Good thing they will have a lot of time to get it right. TCG/CCG players can be very forgiving and patient when it comes to their favorite card games and Hearthstone is just the right amount of casual where I can feel as if I stopped playing for a year I'd still enjoy it when I came back.

    ESO, Blizzard, and Final Fantasy
    Diablo 3 is still big internationally I assume. I've never really been a fan of ARPGs.
    WoW is WoW.
    FF14 is another thing I wasn't expecting to be a hit. It debuted with almost no competition so I'm just waiting to see how it will hold up against the big titles releasing this year. The headstart it got over them was definitely a good thing though.

    And my personal prediction.

    Wildstar will dominate everything. Not being F2P or having a console version will be it's only issues.
    EQ Next = 2015
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    Quote Originally Posted by Phanein View Post
    I predict that this year will be very similar to last year and that we'll all be disappointed and hopeful that 2015 will be better.
    second this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phanein View Post
    I predict that this year will be very similar to last year and that we'll all be disappointed and hopeful that 2015 will be better.
    Pretty much this. Also I'm glad to see more non target mmos, loved Mike's article.

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