Hi and sorry if I don't post in the good place
I'm looking for a MMO which match my criterias (or the most) :
  • Great group gameplay : I really loved the FFXI party system where the each party member had a job to do, I don't want to play alone in a MMO
  • Potential free stats attribution : I like to build my character as I want, if I want to do more dmg or tank more etc (Ragnarok is great for that)
  • Potential free skill attribution : as the stats, I want to be able to choose my skills, even if it's class driven
  • No to time consuming : well I know MMO are time consuming but I want to be able to play for 30 mins and also hours

The essential point is to not play alone and no WoW clone

Maybe the MMO I enjoyed the most can drive your answer : T4C (great stats and sandbox system), RO (best stats and skills system), FFXI (best party system)

Thanks for your answers !