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Thread: another day in rappelz

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    Default another day in rappelz

    i would say ive been on the game for 2 days so far. level 37. any ways. i usely dont chat with others in games. but needed some help with my toon etc. turns out i was playing a tank class when i did not know. the guy was very nice. while teaching me the basic of the game. Another player gave me a blue pixe pet. That is a healing pet. found two cards. one worth 15 million second worth 20 million. He took me to a low level dungeon and had his pet tank while i killed the monsters. spent about 2 hours there. The game is sorta pay to win but what game isent. But if you take the time you can catch up. I dont spend a long time on it. except today. Just thought i would share

    back to leveling

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    Wrong forum...

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