So, I was speaking with Bob and we got on the subject of welfare fraud. While I agree that taking advantage of the US government is wrong I find it hard to believe how harsh some people can be simply because some people need assistance. Especially since our income is not that much more than min. wage.

If you need assistance your family should be limited to $20 per week to be spent on ramen noodles?
If you are overweight, you should forfeit any assistance?

Being poor and fat is not hard, even if you don't over eat. Why? Fatty foods are a lot cheaper.
I have recently started buying more healthy foods and have had to add about 40% too my food budget.

So, how can the poor be hating on the poorer?

I personally think a lot of it is bitterness in the sense that the min. wagers have a hard time getting by as well but don't qualify for the same assistance. Which in my opinion is ignorantly misplaced anger.
It results in people rallying behind a political party that doesn't care if your life is harder.
People who didn't care if we lost benefits or full time status just because they want to increase profits a small percentage.

I just don't understand how anyone making under $25,000 could be so... Republican.